• sofort einsetzbarer und komfortabler ZFS Storage-Server für iSCSI/FC, NFS und SMB
  • Active Directory Support mit Snaps als Vorherige Version
  • mit einer komfortablen Web-GUI
  • alle Funktionen für ein fortschrittliches NAS oder SAN
  • kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt
  • kein Speicherlimit
  • freier Download für End-User

Community add-ons wie z.B.AFP, AMP, Baikal, Proftp, Mediatomb, Owncloud, PHPVirtualbox, Pydio oder Serviio.

  • schnellere GUI durch Background Dienste
  • Support/ Updates auf neueste Versionen oder Fehlerbehebungen
  • Extensions wie komfortables ACL Management, Disk und Echtzeitmonitoring oder Remote Replikation
  • Appliance Diskmap, Security und Tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/ Installation im Kundenauftrag optional
Fordern Sie ein Angebot an.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


Current releases:

napp-it free: 17.01 free
napp-it Pro:  17.01 pro
napp-it dev:  17.03 dev

Napp-it Pro users 
(with a regular Pro key required, no evalkey)
please update to newest  Pro with support for bugfixes.
Some features are only available in a Pro software release, does not matter the key.

On problems:
Check if there is a newer Pro version (newer day).
Reload this bugfix edition then

or try the newest dev edition, the development line with newest features. This edition may be unstable

About napp-it  release numbers
The release numbers of napp-it based on year and month reflect the continous development of napp-it to follow
minor updates of Illumos/ OmniOS every few weeks and a major update every few months

The release number consist of year.month followed by a
f  = free release, updated from time to time
p = pro or support release, all professional users are suggested to use the most recent release with newest fixes
d = developer or nightly release, unstable

Users with a valid key (no evalkey):
You can update/downgrade between last 5 releases without a reboot
Please update to newest Pro edition in Menu About >> Update


napp-it 17.05 dev May 08
Disk location: sasircu3 returns a guid different to wwn, use sas address as an optional key
HTML charset is editable in local menus sets via menu controle file about-menus.txt
Disk> Appliance Map > list map, a listing of your disk bays with all disks and parameters

napp-it 17.04 dev Apr 26

monitor not working on newer OS releases due a missing debugging module Carp
replication extension: datamover in menu ZFS Filesystems > datamover
Linux edition: Service menu to edit Samba smb.conf

napp-it 17.03 dev April 30

Services > Status
Support for OmniOS 151022

Reminder on login if extensions expire (-21 days)
Menu Snapshots: sort snaps by name, creation or used
Replication: Retention policy on backupsystem for hours, days, months, years
example one snap per hour for today, one snap per day for current month, one per month for last n months, one per year for last n years

Solaris: Join AD set DNS with setprop
Solaris: TDisplay target groups in views correctly (Solaris name sthem Target Group, OmniOS Target group)
LX zones: you can enter a zonename
Comstar Views: display problem

napp-it 2017.01 dev

Attention: After update to 17-01dev you may get permission problems on /dev/null
You can fix that with a chmod 666 /dev/null

Jan 31
Longterm stat (Pro monitor/complete, iostat for every hour during last month, daily overview) 
Improved Session management
Show ample on login screen (when mon is enabled)
Allow private icons for private menus (add =I to the private foldername. icons in _my/wwwroot/ico/)
Realtime monitor error id not valid

napp-it 2017.01 Free/Pro

Apr 26.
monitor not working on newer OS releases due a missing debugging module Carp

Mar 14
Support for OmniOS 151022

Jan 27
disable sudo command logging to root console
Jan, 01
Simplified backend structure:: pure css menus and mini_httpd webserver for reltime updates/monitoring (removed Mojolicious)

Jan 10
Menu Add-On >> zones setup
with options to configure the nic and to mount filesystems in the VM
fix for Extensions > Shorttermlog (60s)

napp-it 2016.11 all
After an update, press reload. or your browser may use the old cached css from a former release !!
In such a case the new css driven menu may be displayed as a simple
list especially on Safari and Chrome.

Nov 28
System > Tuning: option to limit max arc to 80% or 60% ex for many replications or other apps that require RAM
Replication: Retry a failed repication once with the former target snap
Appliance Tuning: limit"t Arc to 80% as default
Replication: show detailled RAM usage in menu Logs > Remote log and System > Basic Statistic Memory
as replication may stop with low RAM
pure css menu for easier menu customisation user.pdf

July 14. 2016, all
There is a bug with poef handling when a poef pool is mounted and a napp-it restart is initiated:
This lead to a corrupt encrypted pool that cannot be re-imported (You must go back to a snap).
Update to 16.03f, 16.04f or 16.06 pro or higher (from July 14th up)
If you cannot update, disconnect a PoeF pool prior a  restart of napp-it with menu System > restart napp-it

napp-it 16.10 dev edition
Okt 24
prstat:  fix for memory usage
   menu Add-on with support for lx branded zones (Linux container), requires OmniOS 151019 or newer  

napp-it 16.09 dev edition
Sep 15
  Menu System > Network Eth: start stop iperf server, iperf client menu for network benchmarks
  Appliance tuning: reduce nfs_max_threads to 64 as default tuning option due a problem report with higher values
  This tuning option is related to network performance: faster network=you can use higher values for better throughput.
under development: Z-RAID SSF=Realtime Sync between Storage Appliances with auto or manual Storage and Service Failover
   Menu Pool > Appliance Z-Raid SSF
   Z-RAID - Settings, Target from  a filesystem zraid-1,Initiator with static target detection
   Manual failover of a z-raid pool and NFS/SMB services between two heads and a failover ip: working
  Mount Z-RAID ond power up and autofailover (activate in menu services): working, first tests
This is a solution where you use 2 storageserver where each provide an scsi target from a local pool.
  One of the two (the Master) builds a pool as a network mirror over the two storageserver/nodes. This means a  realtime mirror over LAN.
  On problems, each of the two has the last realtime data state. If the Master fails, you can import the pool with current data state on the Slave
  As an option you can not only use 2 storageserver with a network mirror but als a storagehead with up to 6 storagenodes for a network raid-Z2.
  An auto failover between 2 server in a network mirror or two heads with up to 6 dedicated nodes is the next step. 
  Update: Load correct modules for Perl Expect as user operator

napp-it 16.08 pro edition
Okt 24
prstat:  fix for memory usage (16.08.03)
Oct. 14
   menu Add-on with support for lx branded zones (Linux container), requires OmniOS 151019 or newer  
Aug 02b
  fixed a typo problem with menu ZFS-Folder > ACL
Aug 02
  Appliance Map: unassign a single disk in slot edit working
 Appliance security supports RSF-1 ports 1195 and 8020
 napp-it Pro: menu Snapshots > Clone supports clones of volumes
 Solaris 11.3: Problems with (Perl Modul fixed
 Comstar: create and delete raw LU
 new main menu HA Cluster with RSF-1 cluster settrings
  napp-it Pro: Support for RSF-1 Cluster
  Appliance maps: restore maps from napp-it backup (datapool)

   Fix a problem with Poef
   Fix a problem with auto enumeration of next 3 disks in a map (disk 1,5,9,13,17,21)
   Update of mbmenu for fix some javascript menu errors/ problems
   Appliance Maps:you can add a comment to a disk/ slot and edit slot properties
   Pro Complete: appliance map, appliance tuning, appliance stat and appliance security

napp-it 16.07 edition
Okt 24
prstat:  fix for memory usage (16.07.03f)
Oct. 14
   menu Add-on with support for lx branded zones (Linux container), requires OmniOS 151019 or newer  
16.07f2  modify path settings for current Debian 8
July 27
  Solaris 11.3: Problems with (Perl Modul fixed
   Replication: delete single group members manually
   Replication: fixed a problem with replication not running prior a login
     Monitor extension: Show status on login
     Auto Logout after 60min
     Page update 50min
      Replication: allows hold n days or n snaps
      RSF-1 HA-Plugin support: moving poolbased autosnap and autoscrup job templkates on several HA pools
        - use /opt/HAC/RSF-1/bin/stmfha instead of itadm and stmfadm for global cluster settings (experimental)
        - create/ show sub-interfaces
        - set your HA poolname (Extension > HP plugin)
        - and create jobs as a template, select your HA pool in job create
        - the template is used on every run of autojobs

       replication minute settings 0,1,..59
       Websockerserver supports https/wss  on port 63000  (Enable in About > Settings)
        You must install the SSL/TLS modules or the websocketserver will not start

napp-it 16.06 Pro edition
June, 08
  Extension- HA Plugin (RSF1): http://localhost:8029
  Monitor extension, disks > sas2 shows sas and mpt target number
   Default tuning options: limit arc_max to 80% of RAM and disk timeout=15s
monitor extension:adds NAS bridging/switching in menu System > Network Eth > Set Bridge (select nics from list)
   this allows an OmniOS server with its nics to act as a switch for connected computers
   iperf2/3 included in /var/web-gui/data/tools/iperf/
   arc_summary in menu System > Basic Stat > Arc

napp-it 16.05 Pro edition
03. May
  Bug in rsync settings fixed
   Menu services - Bonjour: enable/disable Bonjour advertizement for SMB (OSX) on valid napp-it Pro/Dev editions
   Replication: Use pv to calculate amount of data and data rate (sender: menu jobs-remote, receiver: jobs - log),
   Shows and edit Service > sendmail (enabled per default incurrent OmniOS)
   System > Tuning works with Open-VM tools and vmxnet3s (now available on OmniOS 151018)
   menu Comstar > Volumes: displays more details
   menu disks > initialize remosed a ZFS label (re-use a disk that is part of an active non-destroyed pool)
   acl extension: restore user, smbgroups, idmappings and napp-it settings from backup

napp-it 16.04 Pro edition
   Shows and edit Service > sendmail (enabled per default incurrent OmniOS)
   System > Tuning works with Open-VM tools and vmxnet3s (now available on OmniOS 151018)
   localisation: private favicon with local "about_menus.txt" menu controlfile and ex <
   napp-it Pro: system tuning - base tuning with faster defaults for vmxnet3
   restrict access to _log folder to napp-it
   napp-it Pro: Comstar > Initiator > Settings (Tuning)
   zfs destroy: shows clone origin

napp-it 16.03 Pro edition
Mar 02, 2016  (16.03 dev)
  menu snaphots shows clones and disable a snap delete on snaps that are base of a clone
  Pro feature:  Snap mass delete feature:  keep at least one snap per day/week/month (valid napp-it Pro/Dev editions )
  filter snapshots: show headers
  napp-it Pro: menu Snapshots > clones, create, promote, delete clones
  Menu zfs filesystems show clones when clones are used
  Recordsize editable in menu ZFS filesystems

napp-it 16.02 Pro edition
Feb 2016
  allow user dependent vendor name in menu pool
  allow operator a zpool and zfs destroy
  added an option to modify NFS and SMB share properties in menu services
  rsync updated to 3.1.2
  Menu ZFS Filesystems: You can hide service settings in menu control file , ex menu/language app
  Realtime monitor iostat 2 lacks headers
  Backup Job saves SMB groups and members
  Comstar: configuration import: fixed a path problem
  LACP Aggregation settings editable
  allow LACP Aggr options during creation
Default menu set (About > Settings) os Solaris (sol) that enables only menus for services supported by Solaris or Illumos
You can enable all menus if you select another menu set
  Tuning panel: restart NFS and SMB services (requires a valid Pro/Dev edition)
   Basic fix for OmniOS 151017 and the Last Login Bug (not working yet with grouping/replication)
Menu filesystem > rollback
  fix a Problem on some Perl releases mit module
  replication: reshare with guest enabled option allows yes or enable

Earlier Pro edition
Dez 2015
Support for OI Hipster
  fix a path problem on OmniOS 151016 that hinders autosnap to delete snaps > date
Nov 2015
  https over port  82
  your own certificate must be in  /var/web-gui/_log/mini_httpd.pem or default sample at  /var/web-gui/data/tools/httpd is used
  replication extension: start only when pool is mounted
  appliance group: check if netcat is available
  remove disks: remove/ detach resilvering to multiple disks
  https webmanagement via https://serverip (runs on default https port 443) with mini_httpd 1.22
  !! realtime graph and page reload currently only available over http !!
  napp-it Pro: Security panel to block/ pass based on interface, service and ip/ local networks

napp-it 19.05.2017